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Balmain Footy Card T-shirt - Men's


Kevin Hardwick is a name synonymous with 1980's Rugby League and the Balmain jersey. When the NSWRL ruled, well before the NRL, Scanlens footy cards were a must-have and this was one every kid wanted to win in a hard-fought games of flick-footy in the school yard.

If you're a Tigers fan you know Balmain boy (or girls) never cry, and can't deny that the ultimate sign for any Tigers fan is rocking a Kevin Hardwick footy card in all it’s mullet glory.

In the 80's you could cheer your footy team on a Sunday and get your meat from the butcher who played second row in a Balmain Tigers jersey on a Monday. We've no idea what Kevin Hardwick's profession was, but butcher seems likely. That or Brickie. Or Truckie. Who knows? Anyone?

In any case, if all those who played league were as consistent or tried as hard as Kevin 'Party' Hardwick, then you'd never go home upset with your team, win or lose.

Fits Men sizes XS to 3XL


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100% Soft cotton

Light fabric (142 g/m²)


Width, cm 41.9 45.7 50.8 55.9 61 66 71.1
Length, cm 68.6 71.1 73.7 76.2 78.8 81.3 83.8
Sleeve length, cm 21.9 22.6 23.3 24 24.7 25.4 26.4