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Brisbane Legends T-shirt - Men's


The formation of the Brisbane Broncos, and their first game in the NSWRL in 1988, filled the entire Rugby League world with fear. They were a super team, containing most of the Maroon superstars of their era - Langer, Miles, Dowling, Lewis… Paul Hauff. Plus that first Broncos jersey was awesome. Personally, we’d never touch a Powers beer then or since, but they made it seem cool. That first match, beating then Premiers Manly 44-10 was a warning signal of things to come as the Broncos became a dominant force.

Until the 2019 Grand Final, the Broncos were the last team to go back to back in the NRL, during a period that defined the modern game. One of the best teams in history is personified by this Brisbane spine from their early 90’s heyday: Allan Langer, Kevin (or Kerrod!) Walters, Trevor Gillmeister and Steve Renouf. The team was a machine. Show you’re a legit Maroon or Brisbane supporter with this hoodie of Rugby League legends.

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100% Soft cotton

Light fabric (42 g/m²) 

Width, cm 45.7 50.8 55.9 61 66 71.1
Length, cm 71.1 73.7 76.2 78.8 81.3 83.8
Sleeve length, cm 22.6 23.3 24 24.7 25.4 26.4