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We were surprised to learn that people still use the post for sending items other than awesome Rugby League fan t-shirts (we’re not just a wicked blog y’know). We had received one letter, then an email...and then a phone call. Seems people out there feel the same way about the greatest game as we do. So, we decided to compile the questions we’ve been sent and ask our team to answer them.

Here is the first edition of The Phantom Tragic, the Dressing Shed mailbag.

Feel free to add to them here with your random questions about Rugby League, past present and John Ribot-esque future via email, Twitter or Instagram.


Do you remember Colin Van Der Voort? You reckon he looked more like a Tarago or a Torana?

  • Warren, Blacktown

Thanks for writing to us Warren. Great question. We always considered Colin Van Der Voort more of a Ford Transit van. If you don’t know, Col was a stalwart of the Penrith team of the late 80s and early 90s. A workaholic player, he basically carried the ball around like you’d move your furniture from your old house to your new house. So essentially a human version of a mini van. Very much the type for heavy traffic, his utility was purely functional. He wasn't the type to put anyone through a gap and into wide open space, much like the Toyota Tarago when your wife used to take the kids out for Saturday sports day. Likewise, he didn't necessarily set the pulse racing and have everyone staring dumbfounded ass a burnout by a Torana SLR 5000 would. For us, Col Van Der Voort = Ford Transit.

Love the Dressing Shed store, first time I’ve bothered to write to anyone in this way but I wanted to you reckon the NRL should bring back a cup competition? Remember the preseason Tooheys Cup or the mid-week games in the Panasonic Cup? The soccer boys have a great old time with the FFFFA Cup thing...why don’t the NRL try a similar concept?

  • Barry, Batemans Bay

  • Good thinking Barry. While we’re at it, I’d say do away with the split rounds during Origin which dilutes the NRL spectacle for a few weeks during which we all suck at the Maroon and Blue teet. I mean, players are getting paid enough money these days. Why shouldn’t they play three or four games a week? It’s not like they have to train a lot! Injuries aside I don’t see any reason why these guys can’t be doing twice as much work as they do now. Guys like Wayne Pearce, Ray Price and David Gillespie used to get up at 4.30am, drive across the state top fix a plumbing issue, or pick up your garbage, then head to training at 5pm for five hours as well as playing three games a week for nowt more than 20 bucks a week, the odd cheer and a slap on the back. I mean let’s face it, it’s not like the game is faster, harder, tougher or the players are bigger, right?! I say they earn their crust. Anyone agree with me?

    Who do you think is/was the best commentator of all time?

  • Ray, Dural

  • If we’re talking any sport, then without question it’s Johnny Tapp.

    If it weren’t for prematurely exploding when he forgot to take a breath in 1987, he’d still be calling the ponies today and you’d still be driving a cab. If that is indeed what you do. I don’t know.  If we’re talking Rugby League my personal favourite was Big Darrell(™)  Eastlake. If you didn’t get excited when Daryl got excited, even if it wasn’t something that was worth getting excited about, then you probably don’t have any blood flowing through your veins. Big Darrell(™)  could make water polo exciting. He could make Chess exciting. Hell, he could probably make AFL exciting. For mine it’s Darryl. Don’t get me wrong, the longevity of Rabs give him an edge. But I still miss Darrell. And Tappy. No-one else really springs to mind. Who were you thinkin'?

    Can you tell me when will there be an NRL club in China? I’ve been following Super League since 1997 and I’m still waiting 20 years later. In fact, can we maybe just relocate the Mariners or The Rams?

  • John, Melbourne

    To answer your questions John, in order. Never. No and No. Stop it John. While you’re down there in Melbourne, tell those AFL hobnobs to cut it out as well. Not gonna happen. Sorry Rupert.


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